I write. I'm a writer, copywriter, screenwriter, poet, researcher. I write whatever comes and goes. I give workshops and lectures.

As an actress, I've told a lot of stories. Telling stories helps me write better. Telling stories helps me to be better.


I love writing. I already said that? Everything I do I transform in stories. All the arms of my work starts from word. I'm developing a lot of projects and my focus is audiovisual because I believe that is the future. Audiovisual is the tech form to tell stories. But guess what? It starts with me typing my thoughts and ideas. 


I love to write, read about everything, watch movies, series, YouTube. I love to hear, to feel, to experience things, to explore: the world is so incredible and life is so short!

I like to learn new things, I learn fast! I am persistent, eclectic, dynamic, efficient, organized.


I love tell stories so much that I tell it in many ways.


Screenwriter / Narrative Design
I have participated in writers' rooms in four series. One of them was Glimp & Badunski.
I have participation in a couple of comics as a screenwriter.
Mariazinha (Little Mary) it's mine character.

"Mariazinha in verse & prose"

A little book about a little girl who likes poetry. She likes poetry very much. Too much. Really.
Poetry for kids
Little Mary has more than comics.

"Maria's poetry show"

Book of poetry for very curious children.
Poetry for adults
"Hecatombe Hipotética / Hypothetical hecatomb"

Book of poetry for experimental adults.
Story teller
Once upon a time... My great-grandfather was a amazing story teller and a wonderful teacher. From him I was hear the Grimm's brothers stories and at 14 I started to tell at school. How we knows, that kind of story crossed the centurys and make part of the collective mind, making the hero's journey a easy recipe.
I tell stories in events, schools and when I find an opportunity.
Actress / Performer
Unsatisfied with the idea of just tell and write stories, I need to use my body. So I lend my body for the characters.
I have participated from short movies, poetry performances, dramatic readings and theater.
When you do something that you love you want to teach. So I have a Workshop called Peripheral Poetry about creative write. I'm working in a screenwriter course and a "how to be a writer" course, coming soon!
Cultural Production
Why wait for the others if a can make my own story? I'm my own publisher and if I need a event I do that too! With that thinking I developed events for childrens in theaters, populars librarys and favelas from Rio de Janeiro.
One of those events was

"The school goes to the theater"

Project that I coordinated and presented at the Teatro Raul Cortez in Duque de Caxias / RJ - 2014. Most of the children had never gone to the theater. It was an incredible experience for all of us.
Other Projects
• O sabor das palavras / The flavour of the words - Storytelling, dynamics and poetry in restaurants and coffee shops.
• Plot Twist Marketing Digital - Storytelling, Content Strategy, Copywriting, UX, SEO, Social media management.
• CulturApp - Through a platform, an application and gamification connect artists, cultural spaces and target audience!
• Anáguas de Morim / Petticoat of cotton - Theater monologue.
• Nenhum Lugar seguro/ No Safe Place - An anthology of horror stories for TV.
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"All the truth in the world is held in stories."

Patrick Rothfuss, The wise man's fear

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